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Commercial Winter Management Solutions

Our team of highly trained snow professionals has the ability to handle the most challenging Michigan winter storms.

We build custom solutions around the following commercial services:

Plowing Services     ● ●   Sidewalk Services    ● ●   Ice Control Services

Our portfolio of properties includes retail stores, office buildings, churches, storage facilities, industrial and tech sites. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that meet the specific snow, ice, and safety needs of each client property.

Developing proactive detailed plans well in advance of storms means that our experienced crew and extensive inventory of high-performance equipment will be on site at the right time. We can ensure that your property remains accessible and safe for your employees, clients, and visitors, regardless of winter weather conditions.

We offer services on a seasonal (fixed cost) basis for clients that have less flexible budgets, and wish to operate on a not to exceed budget for the season for core removal and ice control, and simplified billing.  Typically 3 year commitment on average an unlimited visits and materials used.

Plowing Services

Professional Snow Clearing Down to the Very Last Inch

We deliver the best and most appropriate snow removal to meet the specific needs of each property that we maintain. Our fleet of high performance trucks is outfitted with the best commercial grade plows to clear your lots professionally, down to the very last inch. Our equipment is professionally maintained to maximize uptime and our seasoned drivers are fully insured.
Our drivers work from detailed customer-specific site drawings showing all areas to be cleared, unique property conditions, client notes, and acceptable snow pile placement locations. Each of our trucks has been fitted with a GPS system to provide a detailed report of location, date of visit, and time spent on the site. Our drivers receive updated weather reports while in the field and have 24/7 access to a live call in center during storms.

Sidewalk Services


Clear and Safe Sidewalks, Guaranteed

No matter what type of surface, our dedicated crews and top-of-the-line sidewalk clearing equipment are ready to take on the deepest snow and iciest walkways.
Our communications platform gives the on-site foreman the ability to communicate with customers, crews, and the central office in real-time to provide service updates and tackle developing conditions.

Using the right tools for the job, from hand-held power brooms to industrial sweepers, we guarantee clear and safe sidewalks, even after the worst snowfalls.

Ice Control Services

Our Ice Fighting Solutions are Unmatched in the Detroit Area

Controlling ice is much more science than art. We utilize the newest and most effective anti-icing and de-icing techniques to get the job done.

Preventing snow or ice from bonding to the pavement requires the best professional-grade ice-melting materials, capable of taking on hard-packed snow and ice to temperatures as low as -25F. Our high performance line of snow-fighting applications includes salts, calcium chlorides, and liquids, all proven to deliver safe, ice-free surfaces during the toughest winter storms.

Anti-icing (pre-storm treatment) is applied in liquid form up to 24 hours prior to a snow fall event to prevent the bond between snow and pavement, reducing hard-packed ice formation and significantly reducing the amount of solid materials needed once snow arrives. Infrared surface measurement guns enable us to accurately gauge when conditions have been met to successfully pre-treat the surface. (Overnight applications are ideal, but not always possible.)

De-icing (during- or post-storm treatment) uses solid freeze-point depressants (sodium chloride, standard rock salt, or calcium chloride pellets, depending on the surface and conditions). Applied on top of snow and ice, these burn through and break the bond of ice formation on the pavement.

After education at the Snow and Ice Management conference this past summer, we’ve trained our crews and made a strategic investment in liquid anti-icing truck spray units for parking lots, walk behinds for sidewalks/paths with spray wands for stairs/platforms. Paired with market leading solids, our ice fighting solutions are unmatched in the Detroit.

Special Services

These services are available upon request at an additional per hour costs


Stacking Services – Our team of plow drivers knows where to place snow piles on your property. However, when snow encroaches on valuable parking spaces or access areas we might advise the use of skid steers. We use skid steers to relocate or stack snow so that your property remains open and accessible at all times.

Haul Away Services – Haul away services are recommended when your property cannot tolerate additional snow, or when snow piles are creating dangerous conditions such as blocking views of oncoming pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Snow is hauled to a local snow farm for disposal.

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